Ales, Lagers and Ciders

We pride ourselves on our refreshing selection of draught Real Ales, Lagers and Ciders, as well as a wide range of bottled beverages.



Draught Ales



Wye Valley Brewery HPA (4%)

A delightful straw-coloured ale with a wonderful citrus hop aroma. Truly distinctive.

HPA is a truly delightful pale ale. It’s smooth on the palate, and boasts a citrus hop aroma leading to a balanced bitter finish. Locally grown Target and Celeia hops play an important part in making this such a distinctive beer. With Maris Otter pale malt and malted wheat also being used, this is very much a pale ale with all the right ingredients.

Wye Valley Brewery Butty Bach (4.5%)

A burnished gold, full-bodied, premium ale

‘Butty Bach’ is Welsh term meaning ‘little friend’. This smooth and satisfying premium ale is burnished gold in colour, and certainly has made a few friends in its time – including the judges at The Great Welsh Beer Festival, where it has been crowned ‘Beer of the Festival’ on three occasions! Butty Bach is brewed using Maris Otter and Crystal malts, flaked barley, malted wheat, and locally grown Fuggles, Goldings and Bramling Cross hops. With such fine ingredients, no wonder it remains a firm favourite among our followers.


Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (4.5%)


The drinkers’ favourite, a 4.3% classic pale ale with a complex citrus and hoppy aroma. A recent survey revealed that Landlord has the highest proportion of drinkers who call it their favourite ale. And it has won more awards than any other beer, winning both CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain and the Brewing Industry Challenge Cup four times.



Draught Lager/Beer



Peroni Nastro Azzuro (5.1%)

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is brewed using the creativity and flair of Italians. Blending the finest hops with two-row spring planted barley and a quarter of Italian maize results in a beer with a uniquely crisp and refreshing taste.

Pilsner Urquell (4.4%)

Czech lager brewed in Plzeň, Czech Republic by Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Pilsner Urquell is the world’s first-ever pilsner type blond lager, making it the inspiration for much of the beer produced in the world today, many of which are named pils, pilsner and pilsener. It is hopped with Saaz hops, a noble hop variety which is a key element in its flavour profile, as is the use of soft water and fire-brewing.




Draught Cider



Robinsons Flagon Cider (4.5%)

Proud stockists of a local Cider from Tenbury Wells

The quality and flavour of Robinsons Flagon Cider is truly remarkable and many people say it’s the best draught cider they have ever tasted. They only use traditional cider apple varieties like Foxwhelp, Tom Putt and Brown Snout. This cider is on the medium end of the dry cider spectrum and is distinctively (and variably) hazy rather than filtered to clarity. It’s gently sparkling rather than gassy, easier to drink and lets you taste the superb apple flavour.

Westons Stowford Press (4.5%)

A sparkling medium dry cider with the refreshing flavour of crisp apples
Henry Weston began making cider in 1880, and to this day Westons Cider remain an independent, family owned company committed to making the very best quality, traditional cider.
Multi Award winning most recently Gold Award Stockholm Beer and Cider Festival 2013 winner.
100% local home-pressed apples, Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.